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Beth H. Harrison, PhD, has been in public relations, marketing, and consulting and involved in the health field for more than twenty years. She has spoken publicly and has also been on numerous national and international radio shows discussing genetically engineered food.


Why research and write about GE food?

Years ago I saw a package labeled “GMO-Free” but did not know what that really meant. I began reading about genetically engineered foods and was surprised and disturbed by my discoveries. The most fundamental characteristics of the foods we eat have been changed without our knowledge—and scientists (and politicians and biotech companies) have no idea what it will do to us long term. 


The GOOD News?

You don’t have to eat GE food and take part in this genetic experiment.  Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food explores the politics and health risks of GE food, why and how you have been kept in the dark about them, why these foods continue to go unlabeled, and outlines what foods to avoid and how you can take action. 

Make INFORMED choices that are right for you and your family.






Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food
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