A very special thank you to Chris Gupta for the wonderful and indepth book review posted on his website on March 19, 2008.  Following is an excerpt of his review: 

Loaded with pertinent references and web pages – a must read to understand what is at risk.  Beth Harrison’s short book will ramp you up on the hows and why of behind the scenes GE shenanigans, the book is particularly suited for those with info overload.  There is no excuse now for all not to ramp up on this most pressing subject!

. . . The beauty of information is that once it is out – people can learn the facts and they can deal with the horror story and change their outrage to action.  Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food fits this need.  A worthy handbook for action.

Chris Gupta is a health researcher and educator in Canada, with his site covering everything from health through nutrition, environmental poisoning, electro medicine, Third World plundering, and more.  Check out his website; you can even subscribe to his email list.