Google Video has pulled “a documentary Americans will never see”

People have been enthusiastic about and circulating the film available for view on the internet titled “The World According to Monsanto: A Documentary Americans Will Never See,” by Marie-Monique Robin, which I mentioned on my blog post from April 18.  It shows the reality of this company that has a long record of doing business at the expense of public health and the environment.  

This film that focuses on this influential multinational corporation was removed from Google Video.  I searched online to find it elsewhere and only found one site that still has it posted.  It’s been split up into several segments on YouTube,  but at least it’s still available–for now.  I am not familiar with that website and do not necessarily endorse it; however, if you want to see the film, you might want to watch it soon in case it’s pulled from this site, too.

Otherwise, you can order the DVD from France here (it can be ordered in English, French, or Spanish).