Years ago I began reading about genetically engineered foods and was surprised and disturbed by my discovery: The most fundamental characteristics of the foods we eat have been changed without our knowledge—and scientists have no idea what it will do to us.

The fact that GE foods have never been proven safe for human consumption and independent scientists have said GE foods carry health risks is concerning to me. I had been feeding GE foods to my kids and had not even known about it. Without labeling, most Americans have no idea they are eating GE foods—and I had been one of them!

These foods carry risk and aren’t labeled.

THE GOOD NEWS? You can get informed and get empowered. You don’t have to unknowingly eat GE food!! Read this book. It explores why and how you have been kept in the dark about GE foods and the risks, why these foods continue to go unlabeled, and outlines what foods to avoid and how to take action.

Once you are aware of this information and if you choose to eat GE food—or not—it will be YOUR choice, as it should be.