The Beautiful Truth: review of new documentary

Most of us have been taught to believe in conventional medicine, to be consumers of pharmaceutical drugs, and not to trust common sense, the power of nature, or our bodies. We are taught to believe that causes of cancer remain a mystery (aside from well-known contributing factors such as smoking and alcohol), that they are random aberrations of our genes that happen to the unlucky – and that poor diet and our chronic exposure to chemicals have little or nothing to do with our health and quality of life.

We blindly trust the system, despite the fact that in America more than 784,000 people die each year from conventional medical mistakes, 106,000 people die each year from pharmaceutical drugs taken as directed, and that the number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization is almost nine million each year. Health care expenditures in the United States reached an astounding 16% of the gross national product ($2.39 trillion) in 2006.

But doctors tell us, “trust us, we’re the experts,” and proclaim to know what is best for us, since health, they say, is just too complicated for the average person to understand. We have been brainwashed into relinquishing our decision-making power to those so-called experts who are anything but neutral.

Treating cancer is a multi-billion-dollar industry today, among the most lucrative segments of the medical industry — and Americans are the profit centers. For decades the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, hospitals, conventional cancer doctors, and others in what is known as the cancer establishment have used their financial power to determine what is taught in medical schools, what drugs are prescribed, and to suppress alternative cancer therapies that would affect their bottom line. Many people believe that if alternative treatments for cancer were any good they would hear about them from their doctor. This is simply not true.

In The Beautiful Truth, producer Steve Kroschel is ambitious to touch on taboo subjects that are not typically covered in the mainstream media. His film explores the interrelatedness of wellness, diet, and the cure for cancer—journeying across the country meeting scientists, researchers, doctors, and cancer survivors. Topics discussed are not to be taken lightly – genetically engineered food, aspartame, MSG, fluoride, irradiated food, and mercury – all of which may contribute to cancer and illness, yet most people have been conditioned to believe and accept they are normal, safe, and/or necessary.

The Beautiful Truth is a groundbreaking film, exposing the failure of the medical establishment while revealing how the Gerson Therapy has cured thousands of so-called incurable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, despite being suppressed by the cancer establishment in America for more than 80 years. Kroschel’s courage to shed light on the truth about the medical, biotechnology, and chemical industries that thrive at the expense of public health is an honorable endeavor.

You owe it to yourself to see this film and find out what the mainstream media and cancer establishment don’t want you to know.

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Beth H. Harrison, PhD, appears in The Beautiful Truth and is the author of four-time award-winning Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food, exploring why and how you have been kept in the dark about GE foods and the risks, why these foods continue to go unlabeled, and what foods to avoid and how to take action.